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What type of customizations can we make? Click here for some examples!

Complete the form below to inquire about WordPress customizations. You may also inquire via live chat if the support chat button is visible in the top menu. How much does it cost?


Cost to Optimize WordPress

It really just depends on the scope of the project (vague, we know). Small jobs like modifying CSS code or tweaking HTML can be done at our minimum rate of $30. Basically anything that takes us less than 30 minutes to fix will qualify for the minimum rate. And we are pretty darn fast at making minor changes.

Larger projects like cleaning up hacked files or making extensive theme customizations are billed at an hourly rate of $75. Before any project is started, we will tell you what kind of time and cost you can expect so there are no surprises.

We’ll be real honest here, we really get a kick out of helping people. If your issue is so minor that we can fix it in just a few minutes, we will probably waive the fee completely and just ask that you give us some love on your favorite social media site to spread the word about us. That’s just how we roll.

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WordPress Customization Examples

Fix permalink 404 errors

Create and insert a custom logo

Add static background image to site

Add an image slider

Change theme sidebar configuration

Add a hero section to a theme

Add custom testimonial section

Change theme color scheme

Make a sticky footer on short pages

Create content columns

Style typography using Google Fonts

Add custom button styles to theme

Create custom page templates

Create custom 404 error page

Customize WordPress login page

Create custom shortcodes

Customize link styles

Create and insert custom contact form

Customize comment form

Change default heading tags for SEO

Create custom category/archive pages

Custom WordPress post loop queries

Code custom jQuery animation effects

Install mobile responsive theme

Create custom post type templates

Create and implement custom fields

Design custom static home page

Create and install custom menus

Configure dynamic sidebar widgets

Create sales page template for theme

Install analytics and custom footer scripts

Enable insertion of font icons